Summer Stripes
And No, Not The Nautical Kind

I’ve always wanted a pinstripe suit but was afraid it would be considered too “business-y” so I’ve shied away from actually pulling the trigger on one. Luckily when Indochino came to NYC for a pop-up event this summer I got the chance to customize my own suit so I decided to go for it and do pinstripes. Rather than wearing it with a tie, I opted to dress it down to make it more summer appropriate. I paired it with a simple solid tee and some black slip-on sneakers for a more casual vibe that suits my more low key lifestyle. When worn like this, it hardly seems like a business suit and fits more in the realm of casual, cocktail attire which just goes to show you that thinking outside of the box allows your wardrobe more versatility. So what do you think of this summer suit look?


Indochino Suit  //  OAK T-Shirt  //  Kenneth Cole Slip-ons